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Yoga. Online. Live.

Online yoga? Hi, I’m Kirstie, a certified Yoga Instructor here to provide you live, online, traditional Yoga sessions
along with my most popular class, VinoYoga. Register for your first class FREE using coupon code ‘FREEVINO’ (sorry, not the liquid type!)

Online yoga? Hi, I’m Kirstie, a certified Yoga Instructor here to provide you live, online, traditional Yoga sessions
along with my most popular class, VinoYoga. Register for your first class FREE using coupon code ‘FREEVINO’ (sorry, not the liquid type!)

Meet Your Instructor

Kirstie Nelson

Certified Yogi/Certified Conneseur

New To Online Yoga?

I’ve got just the thing for you.

Online Yoga Classes


My online class with a glass! These classes are nothing short of unique and I’m sure
that this class will guarantee you finish with a smile on your face.

My online VinoYoga class revolves around waking your body up while maintaining
complete focus to ensure not a drop of that precious liquid spills. These classes are
meant to be fun, social gatherings for any level of yoga enthusiast so everyone can


Whether you’re looking to challenge yourself and push your boundaries, or find an increased sense of calm and relaxation, my group yoga classes have something for everyone. I offer full-body Hatha classes and slow, deep-stretching Yin classes, all of which are totally accessible to people of any shape, size and skill level!


Looking for some one-on-one yoga time? My private online yoga sessions are perfect
for you. All focus is on you, your goals, your flexibility, your breathing, and more.


Looking for some one-on-one Yoga time? My private sessions are nothing but perfect for you. All focus is on you, your goals, your flexibility, your breathing, and more.

Here’s a little bit about me, a little bit about what I’ve done and a lot of how I can help you on and off the mat!

Kirstie Nelson

My name is Kirstie Nelson as you might have imagined and I am the founder and sole-operator of VinoYoga! I look to share my knowledge of a variety of sports and cultures through Yoga with you. Below, I have listed my expertise and skills that will be beneficial to your journey through online VinoYoga.

RYT-500 Certified Yoga Instructor

Since my training through Modo Yoga in 2013, I have spent a lot of time teaching people of all levels and all walks of life. I am constantly learning from my students and finding new ways to adapt my teaching techniques. I use my athletic experience and knowledge to create well-balanced and purposeful asana sequences, while keeping accessibility at the core of every class. My goal is to help others lead happier and healthier lives!

Disney on Ice Principal Performer

At Disney on Ice, I was a principal skater performing multiple main roles in a single show! Having trained with some of the best around the world, I know what flexibility and strength mean for an active performer and how these can affect your everyday lifestyle. As a member of this production, I had the opportunity to teach yoga to the cast, crew and management, helping us all stay healthy during rigorous tour schedules.

My Yoga Journey in a Nutshell

Growing up as a competitive figure skater, I’ve always had an interest in how the body moves and functions. I started yoga to compliment my training and keep my body in peak physical condition, but honestly, I wasn’t a fan. Then, as I transitioned from athlete to Engineer in the corporate world, yoga became way more than a physical practice for me. It was my outlet, a way to de-stress from my hectic schedule and release tension from sitting at a desk. My brain had a chance to calm down and I became more in-tune with myself. It also gave me the courage to follow my passions and become a yoga instructor and a performer with Disney on Ice. Yoga continues to teach me new things everyday and is always there to give my body and mind exactly what it needs!


Wondering what previous and current Yogi’s have to say about my online yoga classes? Look no further.

“Kirstie’s VinoYoga class was the perfect mix. Literally.”

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Anastasia, USA

Kirstie’s VinoYoga class is the perfect combination of stretching, exercise, and happy hour. What more could I want? It’s a yoga class I always look forward to, and leaves me feeling great after.

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Tricia, USA

Kirstie’s yoga classes are just what I need each day. Being able to practice alongside her has been a true blessing. She is calming and patient and knows just what to say to get you to relax into each movement. Highly recommend for anyone looking to take a few moments and come to the mat!

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Taryn, UK

‘I met Kirstie through Disney On Ice and have been joining her online classes from the UK. They fall just at the end of my working day and are the perfect transition into a relaxing evening! Kirstie is really clear in explaining things so the classes are easy to follow and she gives helpful tips/reminders to improve my practise, all delivered with her wonderfully calming and gentle nature. I would thoroughly recommend!’

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I can’t imagine not having Kirstie’s yoga classes these last couple weeks. The morning classes get me out of bed and get me feeling ready for the day. Her positivity and lightness she brings to yoga makes me really enjoy my practice and puts a smile on my face

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Peroline and Parents, FRANCE

We love Kirstie’s yoga classes! The VinYoga classes are a fun and sportive meeting to do during the week. It’s friendly and efficient for your body! For us it’s also great and funny moments in our family!

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Robbie, USA

I am a very casual yogi and have truly enjoyed getting connected with Kirstie’s yoga classes! Her Vino Yoga is creative and fun, while still being a fulfilling yoga class. I’ve also found her other classes very rewarding physically and mentally. Kirstie is cheery and welcoming, and a great instructor!

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Denika, CANADA

I've been friends with Kirstie for quite some time now. When I heard she had started teaching online Yoga classes, I just couldn't resist. I was never one to do Yoga but she has made me fall in love with it. Amazing classes for all levels!

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I saw Kirstie's classes on one of my friends Instagram story and I knew that I needed to try it out. After she kindly told me my first class was free, I took her class and I will never forget it! I was so much fun and it was perfect for me as I'm fairly new to Yoga.

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Heather, CANADA

Taking part in Kirstie’s online yoga classes has been a great way to relax with everything that is happening in the world. I am instantly in such a good mood, and feel ready to take on whatever the day has to offer after doing her classes. I am so thankful of the time and dedication she puts into her classes, and I will definitely continue doing them.

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Kirstie is a friendly and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Her classes are great for all levels, and she always makes them fun!

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Kirstie’s VinoYoga has not only brought me to an amazing community and helped me stay positive, but also has physically challenged me while having fun AND DRINKING WINE! Highly suggested for everyone to try.

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